Champion parade of the Carnival in Brazil

The happiest of all Carnival Parades

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Champion parade of the Carnival in Brazil.
The Champion’s Parade takes place on Saturday, February 25, 2023, following Carnival.

The Champion’s Parade is considered to be the happiest of all Carnival Parades. There is no competition and it is all about dancing and singing and celebrating Rio Carnival.

Relax, be yourself, Enjoy
Dear friends! Do you know the carnival and champions parade in February in Brazil is the largest party on earth?
During 2 nights the best samba schools in the most creative costumes parade on the Sambadrome to the beat of the drums.
It’s impossible to stay still and you just dance and admire the beautiful costumes, creative cars, and amazing mulatos and mulatas.

Copacabana view, ocean breeze and delicious breakfast after Carnival.

The Queen Of Carnaval

Over 10.000 people parade through the sambodrome during the night and may the best samba school win. But if you thought you can relax during the day there is more excitement…..
All streets of Rio are filled with partying dressed up people, music and an amazing atmosphere.

Exotic Champion Parade 2023. 11 days /10 nights. Rio de Janeiro (3N) + Iguazu Falls (3N) + Manaus (2N) + Buzios (2N). Group tour 24.02.2023 – 06.03.2023. Click here

Carnival beauties! Everybody is welcome to participate and have fun!

Rio Carnival Champion Parade 2023. 11 days /10 nights. Rio de Janeiro (3N) + Iguazu Falls (3N) + Manaus (2N) + Buzios (2N). Group tour 24.02.2023 – 06.03.2023. Click here

Pets Carnival Parade!

Carnival Star

As if this wasn’t enough, we also invite you to tourist around, admire the Christ statue, take the cable car up Sugarloaf mountain and, of course, have a swim at many of Rio’s beaches

Arpoador beach in Rio de Janeiro. Romantic sunset
And to enhance your trip we prepared combinations of carnival in Rio and the widest waterfalls on earth, the Amazon, wildlife in the Pantanal, a swim in the world’s most transparent rivers or some of the best beaches of the world
And for the really professional traveller there is a champion parade-5 country combination tour combining Brazil Argentina Bolivia Chile and Peru in 1 trip
Join us in Rio. We are waiting for you!

Sightseeing & Champion Parade in Rio de Janeiro 2023. 5 days /4 nights. Rio de Janeiro. Group tour 24.02.2023 – 28.02.2023. Click here

Amazon Jungle

Champion Parade 5 Countries 2023. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru 17 Days / 16 Nights 24.02-13.03.2023 Rio de Janeiro (3N) + Foz do Iguacu (2N) + Buenos Aires (2N) + Santiago de Chile (2N) + Uyuni (2N) + La Paz (1N) + Puno (1N) + Cusco (2N) + Lima (1N). Click here

Machu Picchu. Peru.

Don’t lose out your chance to witness Rio de Janeiro’s carnival by yourself.
a 20% comision is included for tour operators on all programmes, except the 5 countries where the commission is 500 U$
All our programmes can be downloaded on google drive
Champion parade 2023 – Google Drive
Carnival 2023 – Google Drive

Camino Inca

Atacama Desert. Ojo de perdiz

Greeting the „Earth Maker“ creator god Pacha Kamaq in Peru

Iguazu Falls. Above the Devil’s Throat

Bonito. Enjoying nature

Rio Carnival Champion Parade 2023. Rio Carnival Champion Parade 2023 + Pantanal and Bonito 23.02-04.03.2023. Click here

Cute Buzious with 22 beaches for all tastes

Búzios. Stairs to the beach

Blue cave in Bonito

Amazon Cruise. Dive into the green and meet up with locals

Unforgettable Champion Parade 2023. 10 days /9 nights Rio de Janeiro (3N) + Iguazu Falls (3N) + Buzios (3N). Group tour. 24.02.2023 – 05.03.2023. Click here.

Meet joyful locals

Locals in Amazon

All amazing AdaTours programs.

During all travels with AdaTours you feel the full joy of life, get in touch with unspoiled nature, soak up the sun.
The feeling of happiness does not leave you!

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